ND Unique Tax Credit/NDgives

North Dakota’s Unique Charitable Tax Credit

With the North Dakota Charitable Income Tax Credit of 40%, there has never been a better time to give a sustainable, lasting gift. This is on top of the savings you can receive on you federal return by itemizing your qualifying charitable donations. We want to help you take advantage of both the state tax credit and federal tax deduction. You can significantly lower the net cost of your contribution and triple its impact.


One Family’s Forever Gift

Greg and Susan Opp care about helping others. So they made a forever gift. The 40% North Dakota Tax Credit helped them make it. Personal experience with Hospice programs in North Dakota helped the Opp’s realize how important it is to provide a predictable stream of income to nonprofit organizations like Hospice.

“Hospice has been a gift to several of our family members,” says Greg. “We wanted to make sure others in need receive such care.” Greg and Susan give because they see the needs that exist and know they are blessed with the ability to make a difference. “The tax credit allowed us to give far more than we initially would have given. This is a true payback for us.”

Endowment Funds

Endowments are a sustainable forever gift. Many donors choose to establish or add to the existing endowment funds to provide a vital base source of funding that may allow the organization to carry on, even in lean years.

NDgives is made possible by a grant from the Bush Foundation and is cooperative efforts of the following community foundations: Fargo Moorhead Area Foundation, Minot Area Community Foundation, North Dakota Community Foundation, Community Foundation of Grand Forks, East Grand Forks and Region, and the Devils Lake Area Foundation.